BPK-BPKP cooperate to expedite review of government financial reports

BPK and BPKP will strengthen synergy and coordination through collaboration described in detail in the MoU

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Audit Agency (BPK) and the Financial and Development Oversight Agency (BPKP) signed a memorandum of understanding to expedite the follow-up review of the financial management of the State.

“As an auditing agency, BPK should work in synergy with BPKP under the Government Internal Oversight Apparatus (APIP) to monitor state finances,” BPK Chairman said, Agung Firman Sampurna, during the signing of the MoU here on Friday.

“BPK and BPKP will strengthen synergy and coordination through a collaboration described in detail in the MoU,” he added.

The newly inked MoU is an updated version of the previous MoU signed in 2011, Sampurna said.

Under the new agreement, BPK and BPKP have agreed to cooperate in exchanging data and information, he said.

According to Sampurna, this will be done using data from the information technology system developed by BPK and BPKP, using BPKP’s audit result report or BPK examination result, and using the opinion and BPK’s Examination Result Report Regarding the State Financial Management Review.

Other areas of cooperation between the agencies will include the use of auditors, joint audits on certain issues, education and training, research and development, as well as other activities in accordance with the agreement, a- he declared.

With this agreement, BPK and BPKP will expand the scope of their work to monitor and oversee the capacity of state institutions to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, he added.

“APIP acts as an independent and objective third line of defense. With this concept, the APIP plays an important role in the accountability of the implementation of national development, which corresponds to the role of BPK in the vision of BPK 2020-2024 ”, noted Firman.

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