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With our comparison service it is easy to find a low-interest private loan based on your income. Lenders are automatically ranked according to customer ratings, making it easy to find a popular lender who is well-liked by customers.

If you are instead interested in ranking the options based on interest rates, you have the opportunity to sort the lenders by lowest interest rate. However, keep in mind that lenders offering private loans apply individual interest rates, which means that you have to apply for a loan to get already at your exact interest rate.

How much can I borrow with a private loan?

How much can I borrow with a private loan?

Most lenders state an income requirement of 120,000 dollars, which means that you need a declared annual income of at least 120,000 dollars in order to be granted a private loan without collateral.

Without a security, you do not have to pledge any property and you can use the money for exactly what you want. Private loans are often used for consumption, for example to finance a new car or a renovation.

How much can I borrow based on income?

Common requirements

How much money you can borrow based on a specific income is never specified by the lender. To find out how much money you can borrow, you must apply for a loan. During the application process, the lender will perform a credit check to determine your credit rating and ability to repay. During this process, the lender will also determine how much money you can borrow based on your income and financial situation.

Common requirements

Common requirements

In addition to income requirements, you must meet the lender’s other requirements. These differ between different lenders, but some general requirements are as follows:

  • You must be at least 18 alt. 20 year.
  • You must have an income from service or pension. Some lenders specify that you do not have to have a fixed income without sufficient type of employment (hour, exam, temporary).
  • You must be registered in the country.
  • You are not allowed to have an outstanding debt.
  • You may not have a payment note younger than 6 months. All loan intermediaries accept low credit ratings and payment remarks, however, not all lenders offer loans to you who have a history of payment remarks.


How much money you can borrow depends on your credit rating, which is determined during the application process. You must therefore apply for a loan to find out how much you can borrow. Since all lenders carry out a credit report as a basis for the credit assessment, it can be a smart idea to use a loan broker. When the lender contacts up to 30 different lenders, you can be sure that you will receive the highest loan amount based on your financial circumstances.

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