Government Agency Scholarships credit: What are the opportunities?

Social Institute scholarships info: who can take advantage of it

Social Institute scholarships info: who can take advantage of it

The interventions in favor of former Government Agency members, currently pertaining to Social Institute Public Employee Management, are numerous and do not only concern facilitated forms of access to credit. Among the most interested contributions, which make up for some shortcomings by the State, the Government Agency scholarships stand out, now made available through the Social Institute (an institution that has joined the Government Agency since 2011). Just like the regional bodies of the right to study, Social Institute also offers members’ children a cash contribution to support their training.

Who are the Government Agency scholarships for? The official Social Institute website informs that those entitled are represented by students of whom at least one parent (living or deceased who is) is registered with Social Institute (formerly Government Agency). The structures to which students are enrolled can be:

  • state and legally recognized educational institutions and universities;
  • Italian schools abroad;
  • European schools in the EU;
  • foreign institutes, whose courses are legally recognized as equivalent to the Italian ones.

As you can see, even those who study outside Italy can take advantage of the scholarship. Furthermore, almost all levels of education are involved, from middle school to high school, up to university and postgraduate courses (masters and doctoral students).

To participate, moreover, it is necessary not to have benefited in the current year (academic, non-solar) from a scholarship provided by Social Institute or any other body. However, this limit is valid if the amount already received exceeds 50% of the amount foreseen by the Social Institute scholarship for which you intend to compete.

Scholarships Government Agency application: two calls

Scholarships Government Agency application: two calls

The calls through which scholarships are awarded are two. One for students from middle school to university, another for doctoral students and masters. They are generally published between the end of the last quarter of the year and the first quarter of the following year. They can be consulted in the “Welfare Initiatives” section of the Social portal.

As far as the application is concerned, this can be forwarded both by the person concerned and by other people.

  • If the potential beneficiary is not 18 years old, the application must be submitted by a parent. In the case of an orphan beneficiary (as well as a minor), the tutor established by law will replace the parent.
  • If the potential beneficiary is of age, he will submit the application himself.

The application can only be sent electronically (the operations are performed entirely from a PC). To do this, it is necessary to access, with the PIN code, the Online Services area -> Services for the citizen -> Ex Government Agency services, order the items by alphabetical order and select Scholarships / Academic initiatives -> application. To consult the call, however, it is not necessary to have a PIN.

Scholarships Government Agency calls: the amount of the reimbursement

Scholarships Government Agency calls: the amount of the reimbursement

One question that surely those who intend to propose themselves as beneficiaries is: how much is the contribution? Those with whom the ranking is formed are also decisive. However, there are significant differences compared to the scholarships provided by the normal regional bodies for the right to study.

In the first place, the scholarship of the regional bodies is paid per current year, or at least it is so de jure (in fact there are often serious delays), while that of the Government Agency always reaches the end of the year, as a refund.

Secondly, the criteria for the formation of regional scholarship rankings are generally arranged hierarchically: first the Isee indicator is considered, then in the case of equality between more people, merit is considered (or vice versa). The Social Institute criteria are more complex and involve these two aspects simultaneously, through the calculation of a score.

There are no income limits, although ISEAs above 40,000 USD are awarded zero points (for indicators below 8,000 there are 15 points).

Finally, as regards the amount of the Government Agency scholarships, the two thousand USD are not usually exceeded. Specifically, we have 2,000 USD for university students, 1,000 for students attending masters and doctoral students, while for middle and high schools it goes from 750 USD to 1,000 USD.

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