Kebizz automates financial reporting and analytics for MSMEs

Automation processes are accelerating the pace of development of digital financial services in Indonesia. This is in line with government policies and efforts, which promote financial inclusion and literacy in the country. One example is a campaign organized by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Go Online MSMEs, which is active in 30 regencies across the country.

Kebizz is a startup that automates financial reporting and analytics. He wants to help business owners maintain their financial health and achieve their financial goals. The company offers on-demand health checks, consultations with financial and tax experts, credit ratings, as well as business plan and investment advisory services.

Yosephine Tyas, founder and CEO of Kebizz, launched the startup in 2021. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Bina Nusantara University, a master’s degree in financial management from Kwik Kian Gie School of Business and a professional experience as a certified financial planner, she has developed in-demand services in the Indonesian startup landscape.

“My vocation is to help small and medium-sized businesses, and in ten years of being a financial consultant, I have seen many business owners go into debt and go bankrupt because they did not have financial and tax. A lot of times they mix business and personal finances as well, which is definitely not healthy for the finances of the business,” Tyas said.

Although its target market is the 30 million Indonesian MSMEs, Kebizz does not exclude the possibility of entering the B2C segment. Tyas sees the rise of entrepreneurship among young people in Indonesia, so services related to savings, cultivating business capital, as well as short and long-term investments are in strong demand.

Currently, Tyas runs Kebizz along with two other Certified Financial Planners, Merissa Susanti and Intan Purnama. Each has its own specialization in the field of debt management, financial management and accounting.

Kebizz was among ten finalists in the second Alibaba Cloud x KrASIA Global Startup Accelerator Indonesia demo day held on December 21.

Marianne R. Winn