Navarro College Board of Trustees Approves Financial Reports | News

The Navarro College board approved a series of financial reports including the results of the 2021 annual audit at its December meeting on Thursday.

“The college was given a clear and unmodified opinion, free of material misstatements and trustworthy of a third party,” said Lupe Garcia, CPA at Whitley Penn and Navarro College engaged partner throughout the audit.

As of August 31, 2021, the college had a net positive position of $ 35.1 million.

“The college’s overall standing improved from last year by updating required contributions to the Texas Teacher Pension System and other post-employment benefits, which stood at $ 37.8 million. dollars, ”Garcia said.

Navarro College is in good shape, he said.

The college also received good marks in additional audits associated with grants as well as federal and state funds.

Navarro College District President Dr. Kevin Fagan thanked the college finance team for their “hard work throughout the process.”

The directors approved the appointment of Brandon Ford to serve on the Navarro College Employee Retirement Committee. Ford will replace the retiring Mark Dillman.

Sina Ruiz, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Institutional Effectiveness, updated administrators on College pre-enrollment for spring 2022 continues to increase, although double credit enrollment continues to rise. fall behind. The last registration numbers for the spring semester will be available in January.

The college plans to serve over 12,000 students by the end of the school year.

Ms. Maryann Hailey, Vice President of Student Services and Dr. Harold Housley, Vice President of Operations and Institutional Advancement, were recognized by the Trustees. Both retire from their current positions at the end of the year, with a total of 48 years of service with students at Navarro College.

Trustees approved the staff report and consent agenda before moving on to the executive session where no action was taken.

Students will return to campus for the first day of the spring semester on January 18.

The next Navarro College Board of Trustees meeting will be held on January 27 in the Bulldog Board Room, formerly the Lone Star Room, 3200 W. Seventh Ave. in Corsica.

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Marianne R. Winn