TACC Board of Directors Discusses Indenture and Financial Reporting | News

The Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors approved a resolution relating to the Tahlequah Hospital Authority Trust Deed at a meeting on September 28.

TACC chairman Jim Berry, who is also executive vice president of the Northeast Health System and a trustee of the hospital, said the original trust deed was passed in 1974 with TACC as the Trustee, Tahlequah Councilors as Trustees and the Mayor and Councilors as Beneficiaries.

The Trust Deed has been amended twice – in 1986 and 2010. However, TACC never ratified the amendment in 2010 and has been operating as before.

“Basically you’re saying that this vote has taken place, that both parties agree that there is no problem that the 2010 amendment was given to the city council and that they voted in favour,” Berry said.

Berry said it was not about the 2010 trust deed and whether or not it was legal.

“There is a recital to name [TACC CEO-President Nathan Reed] as president to sign it, unlike me just because of a conflict of interest,” Berry said.

Any amendment to the act should have had three signatures as it did in 1974 and 1986, but not in 2010.

“It won’t change the way we operate,” Berry said. “I’ll tell you the current policy – there’s a differentiation whether or not they believe 2010 is done well or not. I don’t think that’s our decision to make.”

In other business, Reed was discussing the finances of the House when board member Steve Thomas said he was concerned that they had not yet received a financial report in the past few years. last three monthly meetings.

“We haven’t had finances for three months because our financier we contracted with had COVID,” Thomas said. “Which begs the question, are we sticking with her or is it time for us to consider going to see someone else, because it’s been three months and now our credibility is starting to be put on the line. stakes.”

Reed advised that the contract with whoever works on finance is effective in December, and Thomas said the contract is effective as soon as there is a breach of contract.

“I don’t want to kick someone when they’re down, but there are things that could be brewing that are going to put our credibility in question and we have to make sure we have our crossed T’s and our I dotted,” Thomas said.

Reed said his concern about moving forward with a different person was that there was no one who had the financial background to fill the position. Reed said he had enough expertise to do the job, but the job wouldn’t get done as quickly, given he doesn’t have the knowledge of the finance program to make changes.

“You have to remember that we have a history of problems that we have to make sure we don’t have – I’m not saying anything is going on – but we have a responsibility to provide the oversight, and I’m getting very bad comfortable with the fact that I don’t feel like I know what’s going on,” Thomas said.

The board agreed that they would rather have a financial report to present at each monthly meeting and then discuss as a group what might be wrong or right.

The board approved additional insurance requirements for three major events hosted by TACC.

“The three were the Chamber Golf Tournament, the Annual Banquet and the Christmas Parade,” Reed said. “We need to take out additional liability insurance for these events.”

A subsequent budget amendment for the cost of these policies was also approved.

TACC Director of Operations and Events Gabrielle Perry said the Chamber Classic golf tournament will take place Oct. 8 with registration beginning at 8 a.m. There will be two-person teams this year. The MyTahlequah Fall event is Saturday, October 16.

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The next board meeting of the Tahlequah region of the chamber of commerce will be held on October 26 at 8 am at the Indian Capital Technology Center.

Marianne R. Winn