TAG Financial Institutions Group announces the promotion of Katherine Derrenberger, the hiring of Rachel Wender and the appointment of Raymond Neff

NEW YORK, January 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In a series of measures to support its growth initiatives, TAG Financial Institutions Group, LLC has promoted Catherine Derrenberger to the director, hired Rachel Wender as Managing Director and appointed Ray Neff on the advisory board of its newly created subsidiary, TAG Capital Solutions Group, LLC.

Catherine Derrenberger has worked at TAG Financial for nearly eight years and leads its execution group. She and her team have been involved in closing over 200 transactions and are recognized for their exemplary skills in execution, transactions and client management. She is also a founding member of TAG Consulting Group, LLC which provides due diligence and confirmation consulting services, and where she has been involved in over 80 engagements.

Rachel Wender joins TAG Financial as Managing Director, of Ash Brokerage, the nation’s largest private general insurance brokerage. At Ash, she led their M&A, Investments and Strategic Partnerships activities for 13 years, most recently as Executive Vice President of Business Development. Rachel will focus on expanding TAG Financial’s practice into life insurance, annuity, long-term care and disability income distribution and independent marketing organizations, as well as business development from the wider insurance market.

Ray Neff, who will join the advisory board of TAG Capital Solutions Group, LLC, recently served as president of Sabal Palm Bank, president and CEO of Beacon Aviation Insurance Services and a board member of the nonprofit Sarasota Gulf Coast CEO Forum. Since 1999, Ray has served as President of Neff & Associates, Inc. and Insurance Home Office Services, LLC. He was previously President and Chief Executive Officer of FCCI Insurance Group and currently serves on the board of directors of Maiden Holdings, LTD.

Kieran Pinney, Managing Partner of TAG Financial, said, “We are proud of Kat and continue to applaud her contribution to our success and our partnership. Her work and her commitment to excellence are a key driver of our success and the development of the professionals who work for her. Pinney continued, “Rachel is a key discovery for us and will help us build and grow our investment banking practice.”

On the appointment of Mr. Neff Steven NigroManaging Partner of TAG Financial added: “Ray and I have known each other for over 25 years. He is a mentor and a friend, and I am grateful to him for agreeing to help us build TAG Capital Solutions Group. His knowledge of the insurance business is vast and his perspective is invaluable.”

About TAG Financial Institutions Group

TAG Financial is an investment bank headquartered in New York City which focuses on the insurance and business services sectors. TAG Financial and its 15 professionals have completed more than 250 mergers and acquisitions and capital raising transactions since its inception in 2012. TAG Financial provides due diligence to acquirers through its subsidiary TAG Consulting Services, LLC.

About TAG Capital Solutions Group

TAG Capital Solutions Group (“TCS”) is focused on meeting the capital needs and achieving the corporate finance objectives of insurance companies and other risky entities, platforms and structures, applying a holistic approach for those seeking capital management, corporate finance and risk management consulting. TCS is a wholly owned subsidiary of TAG Financial Institutions Group, LLC.

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