What is a Short Term Loan

The Short-Term Loan: Definition and explained

If you’re considering this Short Term Loans notes, for any reason, you’re certainly not all on your own. The amount of Americans who take advantage of the loan market has almost increased by a third in the past decade and it’s not without reason. The interest rates for personal loans are at a record low level, while the average amount of loans is growing.

The following article will outline the process of short-term loans and what aspects you need to consider prior to one.

What is a short-term personal Loan?

The term “short-term” refers to a “short-term” individual loan an informal term used to differentiate loans from other loans that have longer repayment times.

In the realm of personal loans, personal loans that are short-term are designed to provide quick cash under terms that require full repayment in shorter timeframes as opposed to the usual period which is usually 36-months. They are almost always unsecure, which means that the borrower won’t be putting up any collateral to obtain approval.

Generally, personal loans with shorter terms are likely to have higher rates of interest and penalty charges or provide smaller loan amounts.

Where to Shop for Personal Loans for Short-Term

It pays to do your homework when you’re dealing with purchasing a personal loan for the short term. There are two kinds that personal loans are: “secured” and “unsecured.” Secured loans can be secured with collateral such as your home or vehicle. Unsecured loans are granted completely on your creditworthiness.

For a better picture of the world of different types of lenders and loans learn about the most commonly used types of lenders that offer personal loans:

  • Online lenders: They are well-known for their convenience. You can be prequalified for gentle credit tests (that will not harm the score of your credit) by utilizing a variety of lenders online and evaluate rates and terms in the comfort at home.
  • Traditional Banks Traditional banks are an excellent alternative for a quick-term personal loan, particularly when you have a long-standing payment history with your bank. Scoring rates with your bank is only the beginning. It is important to compare rates.
  • Credit unions: One of the main draw for credit unions is the fact they’re non-profit local lenders who can offer better interest rates and the flexibility of a large bank.

It’s difficult to assess your options when experiencing financial strain however, thanks to advances in technology, we’ve entered into a new era of personal loans. Start by looking over loans offered by your brick-and-mortar bank and comparing them with your local credit unions as well as comparing deals from online lenders.

What is a short-term personal loan? Functions

The process of getting a short-term loan is the same just like other loans, but at the speed of light. The lenders who provide short-term personal loans recognize that the majority of borrowers are in need of immediate assistance and are able to make loans quickly. You’ll go through the same four steps that you would when you apply for the personal loan you need, but will be able to get cash within the span of a single day.

1. Request an individual loan. To be eligible in the process of getting a personal loan you’ll most likely be required to provide the following details:

  • Bank account details
  • Personal identification or driver’s license
  • Stubs of pay
  • Statements from banks
  • Tax forms

2. The lender conducts an inquiry to determine whether you are eligible for credit. The lender will then analyze your creditworthiness using an “soft” credit test. This will not affect your credit score.

3. Check your loan offer. Typically, short-term lenders offer the list of loans that are eligible and the terms they offer within one hour. Make sure you compare the offers of other lenders prior to signing any contract.

4. You can sign your name and get the funds. Certain lenders can transfer funds to your banking account the very same day, based on the time at which you have agreed to the conditions.

The Benefits and Cons of Personal Loans with a Short-Term Term

It’s not as difficult as it seems to obtain a credit, you must be aware of crucial considerations to take into account before signing a contract which will determine how secure your money is. Let’s take a look at some of them:


  • Easy to qualify: While larger-scale loans require excellent to good credit scores to qualify, having a poor credit history doesn’t mean an automatic denial for short-term loan.
  • Quick payout: You may be approved and receive the money in your account the following business day, depending upon the loan provider you select. When it comes to repaying medical debt or consolidating all debt it is possible to feel relief quickly.
  • Options for repayment: Personal loans offer more flexible and different payment options. This requires being attentive to the conditions and terms. One of the biggest advantages of paying back the loan in a smaller amount is that you’ll get rid of debt earlier instead of later.


  • Penalties that are steep: To to avoid paying hefty penalties for late payments and the never-ending cycle of debt It is essential to go over these terms of conditions attentively. You must ensure that you will be able to repay the loan in time.
  • Higher rates of interest generally being the shorter the timeframe and the smaller the loan amount, the more the interest rate. As an example, the typical interest rate for mortgages ranges from 3 to 7.84 percent for terms of between 10 – and 30-years. The interest rate for personal loans could range between 6 and 36 percent.
  • Credit doesn’t grow If you take out a temporary personal loan won’t improve your credit score. Actually, should it’s not paid an installment, it can affect your credit.

If a Personal Loan for a Short-Term Term is the best option

Personal loans with a short term can be a good option to obtain cash quickly. This convenience can be compensated, or maybe outweighedby the dangers of having to pay back the loan. If an event occurs that is unexpected and you’re able utilize an emergency account or credit card, this is probably the best choice. But when your income source is at risk because of an emergency repair to your car and other issues arise during the course of the repair it’s possible that a loan for a short period of time could be your lifeline.

If you require an amount of thousands of dollars instead of just a few hundred dollars in a single transaction, a personal loan might be the most suitable option. Remember, the longer the loan period will be, the more competitive the interest rates will be. You can also choose to repay the personal loan earlier when you’re financially able to. In this way, you’ll profit from longer terms’ competitive rates while also paying off the loan.

LoansSM isn’t able to offer personal loans for short-term duration, as such. Instead, we provide the option of a loan with the 36- or 60-month duration and the APR ranges from the minimum of 5.970 percent up to the maximum of 29.99 percent, based on your credit score and your autopay preferences.

An origination charge of between 1 and 6 percent is per loan. The fee is taken out of the remaining balance prior to funds being paid to the borrower. For instance, a five-year $10,000 loan with an 10.5 percent interest rate, and an 2.99 percent ($299) origination charge will have 60 monthly installments of $214.94 with the APR to be 11.855 percent (these rates assume autopay discounts).

The figures given are in the current time of publication. We recommend that you check our disclosures on our website for the most current information regarding rates and terms.

How to Get A Personal Loan for Short-Term

In these times of heightened awareness the majority of lenders are now going online. In addition, with loans available online, you are able to apply, be approved and get personal loans from us in the next day from the comfort of your home. You can begin by contacting your bank of choice, then looking into local credit unions, and online loan options. To avoid any unnecessary hits to your credit score, make sure that every application is the possibility of a “soft” pulling of your credit. The less time you have to wait is, the more attentive you must be in reviewing the loan’s conditions.

While you’re contemplating the many choices available be sure to apply for an either a 60 or 36-month personal loan from us. Remember, understanding the specific loan options available to you from Loans won’t affect you credit scores.

*Same Day Funding is available to clients who complete the loan application by signing the promissory note by 12:00PM ET on a business day. Be aware that your ACH credits will be sent to your bank the next day. This could result in funding the same day however the results could be different and your bank could have rules that restrict the ability of us to credit your account. We cannot be held accountable for any delays that may be because of an incorrect routing or routing numbers, inaccurate account number, or any other error of your bank.

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