Why not directly on disk? Financial institutions currently send normal and trouble states on CD

Right now, banks are looking to make their consumers content with their terms and conditions and ailments. This is necessary due to a ruling by the Federal Court of Justice last year. This states that basic variations of phrases and problems generally require the keen consent of the client.

like “t3n” claims, but some economic institutions use alternatives that seem archaic. For example, Comdirect or Sparkasse Hannover send CDs with the appropriate material to their employees. The only problem is that many can no longer use them, mainly because they no longer have the correct units.

Sparkasse justifies sending typical circumstances on CD with environmental safety

The discount bank calls this action good reasons for environmental protection. All buyers who do not use the mailbox, however, will receive the CDs. “We deliberately prevented the printing of 108 pages in a 6-digit version.” However, the fact that a version printed on thin paper would nevertheless be much more environmentally friendly than the plastic disc is not considered as such.

Other banking institutions show how to do better. Letters are also sent there. However, they do not include a CD, but rather a QR code or a URL via which the documents can be downloaded in pdf structure. Buyers who use online banking have no difficulty anyway. You can easily give your consent on the corresponding portals.

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Marianne R. Winn