Zephyr Expands Integration to Financial Institutions Around the World Through Partnership with Digital Financial

Full integration will allow investment professionals and financial advisors to integrate all of their clients on the Zephyr platform, regardless of their accounting system or custodian.

Posted: October 14, 2021 at 9:08 a.m. EDT

NEW YORK, October 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Zephyr, a subsidiary of Informa plc (LSE: INF), and a recognized leader in providing data, information and analysis to investment professionals and financial advisors, enabled their clients to more easily integrate client portfolios on the Zephyr platform, regardless of where those accounts are held. Use of technology available through Digital Finance, an asset information exchange protocol known as PEACEMT , data transfer via direct custodian feeds, retained assets, alternative pricing, transactions, security level details, holdings, securities transactions and historical data can be accomplished easily and accurately.

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“We have removed all barriers to the complete access and transfer of clients’ financial data,” said Chris Volpe, Zephyr business manager at Informa Financial Intelligence. “Investment professionals and financial advisors will now have the ability to fully and accurately report and analyze all accounts receivable, opening up significant opportunities to increase client acquisition and retention. “

Digital Financial’s unified DiFi model called PAIXMT automates data provisioning without legacy IT and capital constraints through their patented data architecture, enabling Zephyr platform users to utilize the popular performance analysis and reporting tool, which delivers returns and a multi-level analysis of client assets including: total portfolio, asset class and asset subclass or any custom classification structure. Zephyr users can also benchmark themselves against a large number of market indices or custom blended benchmarks, providing a complete picture of their clients’ accounts and backed by a team of data professionals.

“Any data-driven business platform depends on access to robust, accurate and complete data. We are delighted to partner with Zephyr to provide industry-leading data access allowing Zephyr customers to focus on realizing the full value of a class-based platform for their businesses, ”says Carl Reed DiFi CTO .

Zephyr gives investment professionals access to up-to-date information, proprietary research and comprehensive data to keep their clients engaged and informed. The platform consistently scores high among users for its ease of use, personalized customer presentation options, portfolio performance generation, and ESG analysis tools. The Zephyr team is committed to ensuring that its customers have all the necessary resources to exceed their customers’ expectations. Visit financialintelligence.informa.com to learn more about Zephyr and to request a demo or 14-day free trial on the Zephyr platform.

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